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First an example from the Adventist church song book in the United States of America:

The text of the hymn "Holy, holy, holy, God in three persons, blessed trinity" (German: “Heilig, heilig, heilig, Gott in drei Personen, gesegnete Dreieinigkeit”) originally comes from the song book of the Protestant Church. In 1886 the Adventist pioneers changed this text. It was then: "Holy, holy, holy, God Lord Almighty." The reasons for such changes are given in the preface of the German songbook “Songs of Zion” published in 1893 by the General Conference of SDA / Review and Herald.
Almost for hundred years, the American SDA (Seventh-day Adventist Church) has been singing the lyrics of this song in harmony with the Bible: "Holy, holy, holy, God over all, who reigns forever". However, as the 27 points of faith were newly formulated in Dallas in 1980, also here a restatement, i.e.  a return to the original Trinitarian version of 1826 had to follow.

It had to be probably avoided that the parishioners think about the causes and the reasons - that they notice the difference between the hymn changed by Advent pioneers due to biblical reasons and reformulated beliefs of the SDA.
Since 1985, the American SDA has returned to the Protestant version, and sings again: "Holy, holy, holy, God in three persons, blessed trinity." (German: Heilig, heilig, heilig, Gott in drei Personen, gesegnete Dreieinigkeit.) The former choir director in heaven still uses the music influence!

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